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Charging in Chattanooga

Charging in Chattanooga could not be easier! With many options across the city and in the surrounding areas there there is typically a public station near you.

Level  1 (L1)

Household wall outlet

Plug into any standard 110V outlet. When new, most EVs come with a Level 1 charger. They are not typically used unless at home, due to their reduced speed. Plug-in and your EV will charge slowly, but continuously.


Availability - Anywhere with power

Low cost  - No Install Required

Great for short-term use


Slow - Limited power output

Where & How?

Whether on a road or grocery trip, charging your EV presents two questions. What type of charging do you have available, and where is it located? There are several charging network providers in the greater Chattanooga area that support a variety of vehicles.

Networks & Guides

Public Stations

On the go? Each network provider is available via an app! Need to know where to go right now? Check out Plug Share for a complete directory.


Charge Point

Electrify America




* Public use - no account required

The Different Levels of Charging


Level  2 (L2)

240V Station

With over sixty public locations in the greater Chattanooga area, there is typically a Level Two station near you. Level Two is also an excellent solution for charging at home, requiring only a 240v install or pre-existing 240v outlet. Typically Level Two charging is overnight, presenting you with a vehicle ready to go each morning or simply topping up while around town.


Much Faster than Level1 (x6-8)

Great for everyday use

Equipment typically constructed  for  long term installs


Requires Installation

Higher initial install cost


Level  3 (L3)

DC Fast Charge

On a road trip and need to charge? Live in an apartment and need a weekly charge? DCFC is for you! DCFC refers to a high power commercial charging station and are located through out the Chattanooga area. DCFC has two connector types: CCS found in most vehicles, and legacy CHAdeMO on older EVs.


Typically 30+ minute charge

Great for apartment dwellers

Typically 24/7 access
Often found around shopping, coffee shops, or other amenities


Requires Installation

Higher cost than Level 2


Level  4 (L4)

DC Ultra Fast Charging

New to the market, level 4 is the highest power charging commercially available. With new vehicles such as the IONIQ 5 and EV6, level 4 charging offers the ability to charge some vehicles in less than 20 minutes.


Fastest Charging Available



New to Market

Limited Roll out

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