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Are you looking for a local electrician to install your charging equipment, or are you trying to discover which EV suits you best? Below is a list of vetted services and links to help get you started. 

General Info

A national site developed by GM to answer broad questions such as range, charging, and overall ownership via one-on-one consultations.

Plugstar is a national database of EVs. It provides detailed information on each model for comparison.


Looking to find a local electrician to help install your charging equipment? We have spoken with all vendors below and visited install sites to verify their work.  

Would you like your company listed here? Reach out; we would love to meet with you. We do, however, require an inspection of a prior installation example. 

Lane Pro Wire Co.

Micheal Lane 

P: (423) 228 - 0017


Used EVs for Sale

Have you ever thought EVs are too expensive? We understand and agree! A great alternative can often be looking at used inventory. Below are some sites that can help you in your search. 

While focused on all vehicles, Autotrader can be a great starting point for a lower-cost used EV.

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